Autumn Montoya was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is twenty-two years old. She is Hashtł'ishnii, born for Kinyaa'áanii/Nałani Tódik'ǫzhi. Her maternal grandfather is Ta'neeszahnii  and her parental grandfather is Tó'aheedlíinii /Tódich'ii'nii . She was raised in Na’neelzhiin, New Mexico and graduated from Artesia High School “Title Town – City of Champions.”

Her parents are Richelle Montoya Chee of Na’neelzhiin, New Mexico and Olsen Chee of Nashchitti, New Mexico. Her maternal grandparents are the late Judie Castillo Montoya of Na’neelzhiin, New Mexico and Richard Montoya, Sr. of Na’neelzhiin, New Mexico. Her paternal grandparents are Lillian Chee of Nashchitti, New Mexico and Oscar Chee, Sr. of Chinle, Arizona.






Resiliency – Our ancestors proved that being resilient will allow us, Navajo people, to continue living on our homelands and to remain Dine. Today, we must be resilient, when we make mistakes, we pick ourselves up and continue with life. “Mistakes are proof you are trying.”