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Shaandiin Parrish

Naasdaazlii’ii dóó noosełí bidziiłgo ahił naaldeeh doo. Nooséłí éí naadaazlii’ii biná nitin yidin danílį. Dii ateego éí nihéiina nilinigíí naas dei yiniilteeh doo. Éí binyé Diné Bicheeke’e selįį.

As Miss Navajo Nation I hope to strengthen our relationships between our youth and our elders. In an evolving world we need to take the time to listen to our elders and carry on our stories, our traditions, our language, and our culture for the livelihood of the Navajo Nation. 

Mission Statement

In keeping with Navajo culture and tradition, the role of Miss Navajo Nation is to exemplify the essence and characters of First Woman, White Shell Woman, and Changing Woman and to display leadership as the Goodwill Ambassador. Miss Navajo represents womanhood and fulfills the role of “grandmother, mother, aunt, and sister” to the Navajo people and therefore she can speak as a leader, teacher, counselor, advisor and friend. In March 1999, the Branch Chiefs of the Navajo Government agreed that one of the fundamental principles of the Navajo Governmental should be the preservation of the Navajo culture. It shall be the mission of the Office of Miss Navajo Nation to encourage every Navajo to assist in the preservation of Navajo culture and Miss Navajo Nation will represent the importance of Navajo Women with respect and honor.


The purpose of the Office of Miss Navajo Nation is to assist Miss Navajo Nation with the scheduling of her itinerary, providing support services, chaperoning Miss Navajo Nation during travel, managing the administrative matters of the office and coordinating educational activities that include the history, tradition, and culture of the Navajo people.


The greatest life lessons are learned within the home and our greatest teachers are our family members.


Noosełí – our growing ones. The minds of our youth withhold the answers to the problems we face today and hold the key to our future.


Our elders are the treasurers of the Navajo Nation and they are the guardians of our language, our culture and our livelihood.


Diné daniidlį. Diné bio’ooliił éí iiná. – We are Diné; our culture, our way of life and our language is how we exist.

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