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Meet Shaandiin Parrish


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Yá’át’ééh amasaní, achei dóó analí. Yá’át’ééh adeezhíke dóó atsilíke. Áadóó yá’át’ééh amá dóó azhee’eh danołinigii. Shiké dóó shidine’é, Shí éí Kinyaa’aanii adoone’e nishłiigoo dóó báshíshchíín. Todich’íi’nii éí dashicheii dóó Tábąąhá éí dashinálí. Ákwót’áo Diné asdzání nishłí. Shí éí Shaandiin Paul Parrish yinishyé. Tó Dínéeshzhee’ dęę naashá. Tse Bii’nidzisgai éí shi’dizhchį́. Naatsisaandęę dóó Dennehotsodęę chi’shike. Shímá éí Shelly Parrish wolyé adóó shizhe’é éí Timothy “TJ” Begay wolyé. Bił háíjéé’ éí naaki. Shídeezhí éí Preshes Parrish-Begay wolyé, dóó shítsilí éí Shaanta Parrish wolyé. Shimá saní éí Wanda Smallcanyon Parrish wolyé. Adóó shicheii éí Paul Parrish wolyęę’ nit’ęę. Shichei éí naakigooné da’ahijogaah yęę daa a’tah naazbaa Diné Bizaad chó’iigoo at’ah ayiilaa. Shinalí hastiin éí Bill Begay wolyé dóó shinalí asdząą éí Pauline Johnson Begay wolyęę nit’ęę. Arizona State University wodagodi ołta. Ááji naaltsoos yisełbaa. Shí éí Diné Bichee’ke naaki damííl dóó bi’aan náhást’éíts’áádah dóó naaki damííl dóó biaan naadiin yiha’igii nishlį. Axhee’he nisaago.

Yá’át’ééh to all of my grandma, grandpas, naílis, my sisters, brothers, uncles, aunties and all of my relations. My name is Shaandiin Paul Parrish and on Saturday, September 7, 2019 in Window Rock, Arizona I was selected as your new Miss Navajo Nation. I am and born for the Towering House people. My maternal grandfathers are of the Bitter-Water people and my paternal grandfathers are of the Edge-Water people. My mother is Shelly Parrish of Kayenta, Arizona and my father is Timothy “TJ” Begay of Dennehotso, Arizona. I have one younger brother and one younger sister, but I am also an older sister to two younger cousin-sisters and two younger cousin-brothers. My grandmother is Wanda Smallcanyon Parrish of Navajo Mountain, Arizona and my grandfather is the late Paul Allen Parrish from (here) Kayenta, Arizona. My grandfather was a World War 2 Navajo Code Talker. My paternal grandfather is Bill or Billy Begay and my paternal grandmother is the late Pauline Johnson Begay. I was born in Monument Valley, Utah and raised my entire life in Kayenta, Arizona. I graduated a year early from Monument Valley High School upon the reception of the Gates Millennium Scholarship and was then afforded the opportunity to attend Arizona State University (ASU). While attending ASU I was also awarded the Udall Foundation Scholarship and interned at the Arizona State Senate from 2015 to 2019. After graduating from ASU with a degree in Political Science I was then selected to be the Arizona State Treasurer Kimberly Yee’s Public Information Officer. In my position I became the youngest and only Native American to be appointed to any executive position in the State of Arizona this year. Seven-months into my position I resigned to be your new Miss Navajo Nation. As Miss Navajo I hope to work closely with our elders and our youth.


The greatest life lessons are learned within the home and our greatest teachers are our family members. The moment we take our first breath of life we are our clans and begin K’é. Thus, we, as the sacred five-fingered beings are given the responsibility of maintaining K’é and respecting on another in such manner..



Noosełí – our growing ones. The minds of our youth withhold the answers to the problems we face today and bestow the key to our future. Our youth are learning and watching the generations before them and we need to nurture them. Our youth need to be encouraged to dream big so that one-day they will achieve their greatest goals.



Our elders are the treasurers of the Navajo Nation and they are the guardians of our language, our culture and our livelihood. The eldest among us have many years of wisdom and have experienced the greatest amount of change in their lifetime. We need to take the time to celebrate all of our elders and what they have accomplished.



Diné daniidlį. Diné bio’ooliił éí iiná. – We are Diné; our culture, our way of life and our language is how we exist. As the five-fingered beings we were given a way to live and a way to think on this earth. Our teachings have withstood time and will continue to carry us on for ages to come.

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